PEOPLE Our people are our greatest assets.
SAFETY Their safety is our top priority.
SERVICE We provide exceptional service.
RELATIONSHIPS We believe every relationship is important.
DETECTIVES We are detectives, understanding all activities within our markets.
OPPORTUNITY We know today's opportunities are tomorrow's growth.
INTEGRITY We conduct all business with integrity.
LEGACY We build on our legacy.


At Host, our people are our greatest assets. Our company IS our people, and the service they provide is our only product.


We have a culture of safety at Host. Our teams work in dangerous environments, so we develop site specific safety procedures to focus on real risk factors and mitigate them as a team. Our safety record is exponentially better than the industry average, because we know there are no shortcuts to excellence.


Our service is our product, and it’s top-of-the-line. We set the service standard, not our customers. When it’s not exceptional, we’re not satisfied. We always want to exceed customer expectations.

We take our dedication to exceptional service a step further and maintain that it’s not only for our clients, but for each other. It’s the service our HR department delivers to our new team members, the service our executives provide our employees, and the service our IT Department offers every office location. The mentality of exceptional service runs throughout the whole organization.


Every relationship is important. We maintain relationships with our vendors, our principals, global trade organizations, ports, communities, the Coast Guard, the government, and so on. We know our relationships impact not only our business goals, but our customers’ goals as well.


We are committed to knowing our marketplace, because we want to understand and help our customers the best we can. Host tracks each and every ship--where it’s going, what it’s doing, and whether we’re handling it or not. We want to know when the port is being dredged, when the funding will be released to build the bridge, and how many tons per hour go across the conveyor. We have a great handle on everything that affects commerce in our communities.


We take good opportunities when we see them, knowing that our hard work today will lead to a legacy of growth. Host provides opportunity to our customers to grow with us, and we love the opportunity to grow with our customers. Internally, we provide a lot of opportunity to our employees, always working to move talent forward.


At Host, we always tell the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. We never have to remember what story we told. When we make a mistake, we own it.


We’re very proud of our legacy, which we’ve been building for over 90 years. It’s a legacy of exceptional service, impeccable safety standards, and the highest integrity. In a business so deeply based on our reputation, protecting our legacy is more important than any financial gain.