T. Parker Host was founded in 1923 by its namesake, T. Parker Host, a life-long maritime leader in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Host set the path for the company with his dedication to the maritime community and our Core Principles. His legacy has continued through four generations of the Host family, and while operating with his values in mind, we have flourished.

T. Parker Host, Sr.

T. Parker was a highly respected figure in maritime circles. He entered the steamship agency business early in life and soon formed T. Parker Host in 1923. Two years later, he was named president of Tidewater Stevedoring. He served successively as Vice-Mayor and Mayor of Newport News, VA, and he served overseas as an officer in both World Wars. In fact, his tenure as Mayor was cut short when he volunteered for Army Air Corps duty in World War II.

As a man who served his community and his country well, Mr. Host was active in a number of organizations devoted to waterfront and port development. He was one of the commissioners on the Virginia State Port Authority formed after World War II, he served on the Newport News Port Commission, and he was active in the affairs of the Hampton Roads Maritime Association.

Having a Vision

When Host incorporated our company, he laid out many purposes for the business: ship agency, freight forwarders, brokers, ship suppliers, terminal operators, stevedores, marine asset owners, and terminal owners. But at the time, and for a long time after, the company was known primarily as a ship agency in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

It wasn’t until 1986 that Host began to expand, opening more agency offices along the East Coast, and eventually the Gulf Coast and Colombia. Using the knowledge and experience gained from our long history as agents, we successfully ventured into all other sectors of Host’s original vision. We currently act as stevedores and terminal operators for a variety of operations, from dry bulk to break bulk and from containers to liquids. With custom logistics packages, marine assets, and more, we’re now known for REAL solutions of all types on the waterfront.

Preserving Our Legacy of Exceptional Service

As the company grows and expands, we uphold our reputation for exceptional service with a scalable business model, ensuring every operation performs at the Host level, using the same systematic approach. Hiring the best is how we protect our legacy. With over 500 full-time employees, we’re still very much a family company, and we take great pride in our people and services. Host’s motivated team is highly trained, commercially aware, and professional at every level. Our people are our greatest assets, and we’re dedicated to each employee’s long term success and growth with Host.

T. Parker used to say, “The promises made today are the promises kept tomorrow.” We keep our promises to our people and our clients through our strong dedication to integrity and our focus on creating long-term relationships with our customers and our ports. 

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