Since its founding, Host has evolved from a small, family-run ship agency to a large, maritime solutions company with over 30 locations and 600 employees. In business for over 90 years and guided by the Core Principles of our founder, we’ve developed a strong reputation in the maritime community for our expertise, transparency, and high standards of service.


T. Parker Host, Sr. was born in 1892 in Newport News, VA, where his father, L.C. Host, was the weigh master on the coal docks. Growing up on the waterfront, T. Parker started working as the local manager of Hasler Steamship Co. after graduating from The College of William & Mary.


At the onset of World War I, T. Parker joined the U.S. Army as airplane pilot in 1917, where he served as a Lt. Colonel in the First Air Squadron.


After returning home from his military service to work at Hasler, T. Parker formed his own ship agency, T. Parker Host, Inc. in 1923 in Newport News, VA. In 1925, T. Parker Host became president of Tidewater Stevedoring Co.


From 1936 to 1941, Host served as a commissioner of the State Port Authority of Virginia to work toward the development of the Port of Hampton Roads and other tidal waters of the state. During this time, he was also named the Vice Consul of Norway.

1940s and 50s

While running his agency, T. Parker was elected to serve on the Newport News City Council and became mayor in 1940. He was very dedicated to his port and a proud member of his city and country. When World War II erupted, T. Parker resigned as mayor and rejoined the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942. T. Parker’s son, T. Parker Host, Jr., also served in the Air Corps during the war.

T. Parker Host, Jr. joined the company in 1948 as a boarding agent. It was important to his father that everyone learn the agency business through experience. This still holds true today, as we focus on highly training every staff member.

In 1958, T. Parker Host, Jr. was named the Vice Consul of Finland.


In 1963, Host, Jr. became president of the company and he was also named Vice Consul for Norway. Like his father, he was heavily involved in city politics, serving on the Newport News City Council from 1966 to 1970.


In 1977, T. Parker Host, Jr.’s sons, Tom and David Host, joined the company as boarding agents. Throughout their careers, Tom and David became very involved in the maritime community in their own right. Tom would later become the Honorary Consul of Brazil and then member of many maritime boards including the Virginia Board of Branch Pilots and the Virginia Maritime Association. Likewise, David was later named the Honorary Consul of Finland, and currently serves on boards that include the National Cargo Bureau, NATO, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


After 60 years in Newport News, Host moved their headquarters to Norfolk, VA in 1983. Three years later, in 1986, company expansion began with Host’s second office in Baltimore, MD. This was a big event in the history of the company, and it marked the beginning of a new era.


During the 1990s, Host continued its expansion through Florida and Delaware. Adam Anderson, our current president, joined the agency as a boarding agent in 1998. One year later, he helped Host open its first terminal operation at Giant Cement in Chesapeake, VA.


Host began providing services at three more terminals during the 2000s, including stevedoring at the Perdue Grain Elevator, which is the largest grain terminal on the East Coast.


By 2010, Host had six agency offices and four terminal and stevedoring operations.

During the 2010s, the company began its rapid expansion and development, continuing to open agency offices along the East Coast, opening its first offices along the Gulf Coast and in Colombia, taking over terminal operations and stevedoring for 17 different operations, and acquiring its first assets such as barges, tugs, and terminals. Our first tugboat, M/T MS JANET, was named after Tom and David’s mother, and our first terminal was named Tidewater Tank Terminal as a reference to Host, Sr.’s Tidewater Stevedoring business.

Today, with over 30 agency and terminal operations, Host focuses on REAL solutions. With almost 100 years in business, Host has the maritime relationships and knowledge needed to achieve our clients’ goals efficiently. We continue to take opportunities to grow, always working to preserve our legacy of exceptional service and integrity.