Adam Anderson (Chairman & CEO)

Adam Anderson

Chairman & CEO

Adam Anderson joined the company as a boarding agent in 1998, where he gained hands-on waterfront experience, and quickly became an influential part of business development for the company. By the age of 24, he developed and negotiated Host’s first terminal operation contract.

During his first 13 years with the company, he had many jobs including truck loader, stevedore, terminal manager, business development manager, marketing, and regional manager. When he became Executive Vice President, he was able to take his first-hand knowledge developed on the docks and grow Host’s top and bottom lines by more than 600% in eight years.

In 2011, he was elected to his current role of Chairman and CEO. In this position, he is responsible for setting the vision for the Host company and leading our team through rapid scalable growth across all of our platforms.

He currently sits on several maritime board associations and has become a recognized industry expert who shares his wealth of knowledge within the maritime industry through conferences, forums, and events.