“Unleashing the potential of Avondale Shipyard
through a transformation into a global logistics hub”

T. Parker Host, in partnership with Hilco Redevelopment, is reimagining the former Avondale Shipyard and the future of Jefferson Parish. With a footprint of 254 acres and significant warehousing, shipping and storage capabilities, Avondale Marine will shape the future of commerce along the Mississippi River and beyond.

In its renewed glory, Avondale Marine will provide real and thoughtful solutions to customers and create a monumental shift in modern transportation.

Together, we are strengthening the quality of life for both East and West Banks and transforming Avondale Marine into a twenty-first century global logistics hub.


The Right Facility in the Right Market

  • Over 250-acre site
  • 16 major buildings totaling ±1.3 million square feet
  • Approximately 8,000 feet of frontage on the Mississippi River with deep-water access to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Barge access to 33 states via the Mississippi River system
  • Approximately 50 heavy duty cranes
  • Proximity to rail and interstate
  • Ideal for value-add industries


“Avondale is part of that catalyst to transform the entire area into something better and move toward the 21st century. We couldn’t be more excited about it.” – Adam Anderson, Chairman and CEO, T. Parker Host


Bringing New and Unparalleled Flexibility in Multi-Modal Connections to the Lower Mississippi River


Located in the Port of New Orleans at Mile 108 on the Lower Mississippi River

Accessible to all Inland River System destinations including St Paul, Chicago, Pittsburg, Memphis, St Louis

9 miles from intersections of the Intracoastal Waterway that runs East to Florida, West to Mexico


Immediately adjacent to the primary UP/BNSF Yard and centrally located to 5 other key New Orleans rail yards

New Orleans is 1 of only 5 National Interchanges between Eastern, Western Class 1 rail carriers and 1 of 3 Gateways that are both rail and river interchanges


Excellent central location on New Orleans West Bank provides route optionality to avoid traffic choke points when connecting to major highway corridors

14 miles to I-310 and 2 miles to HWY 90 E and W at Bridge City offer east or west connection options to I-55N, I59N, I-10W, I-10E 


Purpose Built for Onsite Industrial Use

  • Buildings can accommodate a wide array of machining, fabrication and processing setups
  • Overhead cranes in most buildings
  • Covered loading docks and/or rail access
    • Ability to build unit trains onsite
  • Electrical: 13,800-volt service to property
    • 480v or 240v substations in most buildings
  • Water / Sewer: 10” water main into facility
  • Natural gas service


“Our approach will drastically reduce air emissions by 90%, compared to previous operations.

We will also reduce fossil fuel use by 80%.”


Our Commitment to Jefferson Parish

At Avondale Marine, we conduct all operations with the highest standards in safety and innovative sustainability practices. Every day, our core principles and commitment are guided by these priorities for Jefferson Parish:


  • Up to 90% greener, cleaner operations
  • Electric power over diesel to reduce fossil fuel use by 80%. Our goal is 100%.
  • Solar-powered facilities


  • Work in harmony with Envision Jefferson 2040 plan and Jefferson EDGE
  • Attract new business investments


  • Bring 2,000 new jobs in the next 5 years
  • Provide training for Jefferson Parish workers
  • Strengthen workforce with a variety of job types and levels


  • Regular community meetings for public Q&A
  • Site tours and forums at our facility
  • Partnerships to strengthen quality-of-life for the East and West Banks


Getting Avondale Back to Work

 Avondale Marine plans to redevelop and revitalize the former 254-acre Avondale Shipyard into a sustainable, 21st century global logistic hub along the Mississippi River, creating economic growth throughout the southern region.

Our approach will drastically reduce air emissions by 90% compared to previous Avondale operations.

Bringing the Vision to Life: Six-Month Outlook

  • Launch temporary operations
  • Complete necessary compliance permits
  • Finish dock renovations
  • Establish rail connection
  • Enhance the visitor experience and attract customers
  • Build relationships with our neighbors

Our relationship with you is important to us, and we encourage our neighbors to stay informed as our vision for Avondale Marine takes shape. For questions or concerns regarding the redevelopment process, please complete the contact form below.

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