How We Operate

We’re going to let you in on our top-secret business model: Our Service Circle. This is what keeps Host moving forward every day.

Motivated Team

Our circle begins with a motivated team. Our people are our greatest assets and their safety is our top priority. Our people are our company so we do all that we can to keep them safe. From those working in offices to our operators out in the terminals, all Host employees are required to learn and practice our safety standards.

We keep our employees motivated by providing them with excellent benefits, offering a merit-based bonus program, providing monthly safety training, and more. Everyone has the opportunity to progress at Host. Regardless of the position, we push each team member to learn and achieve more.

Superior Service

When a team is motivated, they put forth their best effort and deliver superior service, both internally and externally.

In all we do, we dive in alongside our customers, making their goals our goals. We take responsibility and we deliver what we promise.

Satisfied Customers

We’re growing at a very rapid pace, and it’s because of the relationships we’ve made with satisfied customers. Our team members provide them with superior service and practice integrity in every situation.

Invest in Employees

Investing that success back into our employees is what keeps the circle going. We provide opportunities, such as educational and hands-on training, promotions, and relocation. These opportunities, along with great benefits, bonus programs, and encouraging work environments, motivate team members to continue providing superior service that satisfies our customers.