What We Do

T. Parker Host was founded in 1923. At the time, and for a long time after, the company was known primarily for the ship agency services we still proudly offer today as Host Agency. Host actually began stevedoring services in 1925, but took a hiatus for a few decades. We re-entered the terminal space in 1999 as Host Terminals at the request of a customer who wanted to invest their capital, but needed a REAL solution for maintaining the waterfront workforce.

As a result, T. Parker Host, Inc. now serves as the parent company to many subsidiaries, including Host Terminals, Host Agency, and Host Marine, but together, we’re all Host.

As agents, we coordinate with many local and international parties for every ship we’re appointed, giving us a worldwide network of relationships throughout the maritime community.

By developing a relationship with each supply chain stakeholder, Host agents are aware of client needs as they develop and change. During each port call, we serve as their eyes and ears, collecting and communicating data based on their goals and offering REAL solutions when needed. Whether that strategy is prompted by a sudden change in plans or unexpected weather, or if it’s a way we’ve found to make a port call more efficient, our agents have the knowledge and experience, and we’re ready to help.

The waterfront is a challenging workplace, where heavy manufacturing actually floats and time truly equals money. Our customers are well aware of these unique dynamics, and they trust Host to put our hard-earned experience to work to meet shared goals.

With a wide geographic and service scope, Host Terminals has teams that can take on unique challenges in diverse environments, always adding value while providing REAL solutions to our customers.

Often operating terminals for third parties, we’re trusted with the safe care and custody of over 100 million-dollars-worth of assets. Annually, we handle approximately 560 vessels, 250 million gallons of liquid bulk, and 14 million tons of dry bulk.

As stevedores, Host handles 150 thousand tons of breakbulk, heavy lift, and project cargoes, and thousands of container moves every year. Whether it’s a one-off, 300-ton generator, a $100 million-dollar yacht, or a thousand bags of cement, we’ve done it before, and we’re prepared to do it again.

When a custom solution requires specific assets, Host does the detective work and researches all the options. If there’s a need for us to invest, co- invest, or fully purchase an asset to offer our customers the best service possible, we’re ready and financially prepared to do so. All that we’ve purchased or chartered has been part of a specific, customer-focused, REAL solution.

Host also hires employees to staff the equipment. We employ full tugboat crews, launch boat drivers, maintenance mechanics, and more. As part of our team approach with clients, this helps us streamline vendors, reduce costs, and provide our exceptional level of service everywhere we can.