DSC_0269Earlier this month, T. Parker Host served as both the vessel agents and stevedores for a sugar ship in the Port of Corpus Christi. This was the first time Host has ever performed stevedoring operations at the port and the first time we have ever served as stevedores on a sugar ship. Additionally, this was ED&F Man's first shipment to the port.

We discharged 7,000 metric tons of bagged sugar in four and a half days from the M/V "Xiaoyi C." The operation was overseen by Anthony Cleveland, Ryan Kibler, and Roy Riojas. Thanks to their efforts, and that of our dedicated staff, most of whom usually work at our Sherwin location, the project was completed safely and efficiently.

The cargo was trucked a short distance to a warehouse that ED&F Man has leased on the port. Host Terminals is responsible for maintaining inventory control in the warehouse and for loading bags to trucks and railcars.

This operation was a big achievement for our team. Congratulations to everyone involved for a job well done!