August 2016 Quarterly Photo Contest Vote for Your Favorite!

A big thanks to everyone who submitted photos this quarter! We received more entries than ever before, and we've narrowed it down to these finalists. Please follow the link at the bottom to vote for your favorite and help us pick a winner.

Cast your votes by 2300 EST Thursday. We'll announce the winner on Friday!

 Photo 1:

Photo 1: "Underway" Submitted by Alec May in Mobile, AL


 Photo 2:

Photo 2: "Air Show" Submitted by Ben Foster in Grand Traverse Bay, MI


 Photo 3:

Photo 3: "Lightering to Barge" Submitted by Scott Graves while in Chesapeake, VA


 Photo 4:

Photo 4: "From the Barge" Submitted by Matt Horne in Chesapeake, VA


 Photo 5:

Photo 5: "Sunset on the Mississippi" Submitted by Peter Kelly in New Orleans, LA


 Photo 6:

Photo 6: "Sunrise on the Mississippi" Submitted by Sean Owens in New Orleans, LA


 Photo 7:

Photo 7: "Norfolk Southern" Submitted by Ryan Kibler in Norfolk, VA


 Photo 8:

Photo 8: "USS Wisconsin" Submitted by Ryan Roettges in Norfolk, VA


 Photo 9:

Photo 9: "Janet and Debbie" Submitted by Nate Morgan while in Baltimore, MD


 Photo 10:

Photo 10: "Panama City" Submitted by Trey Chadwick in Mobile, AL


Now that you've seen the finalists, help us pick a winner! Click here to vote for your favorite picture.

A big thanks to those who entered! We invite everyone to submit photos to for the next quarterly contest. Even if your photo doesn’t make it to the finals, there’s still a good chance it will end up in some of our marketing materials, like our website, presentations, and advertisements.

As a reminder, please do not compromise safety to take a photo. Keep all safety gear on and remain aware of your surroundings while working at a terminal or on a ship. Your safety will always be our number one priority.