Last week, a Host Terminals employee realized he couldn’t find his cell phone after trimming the holds of a ship carrying wood pellets. Although the employee wasn’t supposed to have his cell phone while working, he showed a lot of integrity and notified his terminal manager that the phone might be lost in the hold.

Host informed the customer immediately, and then began an extensive team effort to look for the phone around the terminal. When it wasn’t found, we decided it was likely in the hold.

We knew we could discharge all the cargo, costing thousands of dollars in time and product and causing a huge inconvenience for our customer…or we could come up with a REAL solution. Terminal Manager Jimmy Lusk had the great idea to hire a ground radar company. They scanned the ship the same day and pinpointed an area of the cargo with abnormalities. Our team moved five feet of wood pellets ….and found the phone!

“It was a great team effort," said Jimmy Lusk. "I’m very proud of the employee for having the integrity to do the right thing and bring the problem to my attention.”

Host paid the demurrage to the client, so there were no extra charges for the ship delay. We appreciate the staff’s tireless efforts and dedication to our Core Principles of integrity, relationships, and service.