Our team at Tradepoint Atlantic celebrated 500 lost time free days today!

"It's a very significant accomplishment when a terminal operator reaches 500 days with no lost time incident. We're proud that our team has been able to confidently come to work and go back home safely every day for over a year," says Director of Operations Raul McFaddin. "In my 20 plus years of experience in this terminal operating business, I only know of two other large terminals that have reached 500 lost time free days. We’ve had some near misses, but by reporting them and taking precautionary steps, we’ve been able to maintain our people’s safety as our top priority. Last month at HAT we shut down a ship because we didn’t feel it was safe. The shift manager in that moment received support from every level of our organization, and it was very obvious to us that our people’s safety is really our top priority. Our entire business runs around ships, but it is the safety of our people that is the most important, even if it means stopping production. That says a lot.”

Awesome job, team! Thanks for keeping safety a top priority!