The 98th Annual Coal Rodeo starts today and Host team members are there to build on our legacy.

About 300 people attend the rodeo these days, which got its start in 1921. Originally intended to promote harmony among the coal shippers on The Norfolk & Western Railway and The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, it’s an event that connects to Host’s long history in the coal industry.

Lewis Host, our founder’s father was chief weighmaster for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in Newport News, VA, working for the company for 53 years. Having grown up on the coal docks, T. Parker Host, Sr. opened his first agency office in the C&O Terminal Building, where the company stayed until 1985, mainly serving coal ships. Today, our agency team helps with the transportation of more than 55 million tons of coal per year!

Pictured here is the site of Host’s first office along the coal docks.