Throughout history, the Chesapeake Bay has been one of the nation’s most valuable natural resources. Recently, it has also become one of the most threatened. In 2012, Host began a five-year, $75K endowment to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, whose goal is to protect, preserve, and restore the Bay and its rivers and streams.

Since Host’s founding in 1923, our headquarters has been on the Chesapeake Bay, and until 1991, Host was exclusively located on the Bay with only two offices in Hampton Roads, VA and Baltimore, MD. Although we’ve seen significant growth since then and currently have operations spread throughout the full East and Gulf Coasts, we’re still very grateful for the opportunities the watershed has given us. We now have eight locations along the Chesapeake Bay alone.

“From sailing with our father to boarding vessels at anchorage, the Chesapeake Bay has always been a special place for the Host family and organization,” says Tom Host. “After all it’s given us, it’s an honor to give back. We’re very grateful to all the dedicated members of the Foundation for leading the way in restoring the Bay.”

Host’s Sponsorship
Our sponsorship came with a new panel sign located on the trail at the Brock Environmental Center at Pleasure House Point in Virginia Beach. Our sign features the Mummichog fish, a small fish found in the Chesapeake Bay and a great representation of Host, as it is mostly known for its high adaptability. The sign also provides information on wind and solar energy and how the Brock Environmental Center uses it.

Last month, the Host family gathered for a sign dedication and to celebrate the sponsorship. In honor of Tom and David Host’s 40th anniversary with the company this year, Host has decided to donate $10,000 to four different organizations throughout 2017. Now in the last year of Host’s five-year endowment, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is one of these special four organizations.

About the Chesapeake Bay Foundation         
Founded in 1967, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is now recognized as the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Bay. With over 200,000 members, the organization works at the local, state, and federal levels for effective laws and regulations that will reduce pollution, restore vital natural systems, and encourage smart growth in our communities. They offer hands-on educational programs for children and adults to actively engage in the environment and learn more about how to protect the Chesapeake Bay. For years, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has been a leader in restoration efforts through litigation, education, advocacy, and community involvement. 

We encourage all our local employees to go visit the Brock Environmental Center when they have a chance. There is a lot to enjoy and learn about the Chesapeake Bay.