School renovations were completed this week, and our Colombia Host Agency team celebrated the school's inauguration with students and parents on Thursday, December 7th. "It was a very emotional event," says Systems Coordinator Karen Estrada. "The Mamo [the community chief], the community's doctor, teachers, children, and mothers sang songs, gave speeches, and presented gifts of gratitude."

This project began in September at Centro educativo distrital Naara Kajmanta, which is the second Colombian school Host has renovated. The school has three classrooms that accommodate 35 children between first and fifth grade.

Prior to the updates, the school had a tin ceiling filled with holes, cracked walls that were home to insects, damp and torn floors, no windows or doors, broken bathrooms, and no running water.

In three months, Host made major improvements to the roof, kitchen, bathrooms, storage shed, and classrooms. We are glad to have helped, and hope the community enjoys their newly-renovated school for years to come. To see our previous news stories about the update, click here.