November 3, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin

T. Parker Host, Inc. debuted the company’s new Safety Training initiative on October 27-28, 2014.

The session was led by Chief Operating Officer Cees van de Mortel, Manager of Systems and Operational Excellence Pete Hansen, and Operations Manager Jonathan Foster, and brought together team members from Host’s terminal and stevedoring operations in Port Everglades, Florida. Host values our team members as they are our greatest asset, and their safety is our top priority. The company strives for zero accidents and zero incidents.

The training session allowed time for team members to practice new safety procedures, familiarize themselves with new safety equipment, and learn more about Host’s commitment to safety throughout the organization.

“Host is proud to be the only terminal operator and stevedore in Port Everglades to hold paid safety training days for our team members. Our people work in dangerous environments and their safety is our top priority,” said Cees van de Mortel.

Check out the pictures below from the training session.



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