July 22, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin

The annual Southwest Fertilizer Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas on July 19 – July 23, 2014. The conference is a gathering ground for fertilizer managers, upper level management, distributors, brokers and dealers. T. Parker Host, Inc. representatives will be in attendance including Thomas Host, Robert Scott, and William Davis.

Thomas “Tom” Host, Vice Chairman, has been an active member of the maritime community and an integral part of the Host legacy.  He continues to be a driving force for the company his grandfather built in 1923. Robert “Bobby” Scott, Vice President of Operations, has been a leader at T. Parker Host for over 15 years. His experience and leadership have made him a valuable asset to the company’s operations departments. William “Billy” Davis, VP Regional Manager West Gulf, has been with the company since 1995. Billy held a variety of roles within the Host organization but, he currently oversees teams in the Houston, Corpus, and Beaumont offices.

“We appreciate the deep relationships we have forged within the fertilizer industry and look forward to attending the Southwestern Fertilizer Conference for the third consecutive year in order to keep up with industry trends and continue to grow these valuable relationships” said Tom about the upcoming conference.