Bill McIntyreAugust 11, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin

People are our greatest asset. The success of the Host companies depends on every team member within the organization because ultimately, it is our people who propel the legacy of exceptional service.

To keep our team members connected as we expand into new offices, T. Parker Host, Inc. began publishing an internal newsletter earlier this year.

Published quarterly by our Human Resources department, the newsletter highlights team member accomplishments, company events, team members in the news, and includes great health and wellness articles. To the right is an excerpt from our latest issue.

President, Adam Anderson, addressed the company through the newsletter focusing on the company's continued growth.  When discussing what's next for the company, he said that despite the change that comes with growth, Host's success will continue based on our ability to "maintain small business focus on clients and the intestinal fortitude to do what is right under all circumstances".

The newsletter also highlights our great team member programs such as:

  • Regular Coaching Sessions by Workplace Mentors
  • Health and Wellness Challenges
  • Gym Reimbursement Program
  • Standing Workstations

You can check out other great team member programs and benefits on our Careers page.  We are always looking for top talent and currently have positions open for both experienced industry professionals and people looking to start their maritime career with an established company.  Come build your legacy with us!

Check out our Careers page and view Employment Opportunities by clicking here.