T. Parker Host, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of our new office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This office handles the agency operations for all ports on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. Our Wilmington, Delaware office now handles the ports of Wilmington, Delaware City, and Ocean Port.

The new office is a hybrid, home to both our agency operations and the management of our terminal operations in the Philadelphia region, which currently include the Eco Energy and North East Energy terminals.

Located in the Navy Yard, the Philadelphia office is in a centralized location, giving our staff easy access to ships and terminals. The location is also in close proximity to regions where we’re currently expanding, like North Jersey and New York.

Filled with shops and eateries, the Navy Yard has transformed into an urban hotspot over the past few years. “The new office is a win-win, both logistically and environmentally,” says Business Implementation Director Cory Hume. “Not only is it close to our agency and terminal locations, but having an office in a thriving location like the Navy Yard helps us build our team moving forward.”

The layout of the new office is professional, clean, sleek, and productive. “It could not be more conducive for open communications,” says Northeast Regional Manager David Chenowith.

“When we opened our Delaware office in 1997, we didn’t know how far it would take us. Today, our Philadelphia office establishes an even larger presence for T. Parker Host in the area, sending a positive message to the maritime industry which is great for our growth in Philadelphia and the northeast region,” says David. “In the past, when our agents from Wilmington were sent to board the ships in Philadelphia, we only had a small office at the pier to handle the paperwork. Now, we have a firm flag in the ground to continue our growth. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re looking for ways to expand.”

Contact Information:

4747 South Broad Street Building 101, Suite 231 Philadelphia, PA 19112 Tel: 267-886-9916 Email: PAOps@tparkerhost.com