January 6, 2015 by T. Parker Host Admin.

When T. Parker Host, Inc. was established in 1923, its core business was providing clients with agency services. Today, Host is setting the industry standard by providing clients with a service package that not only focuses on typical agency and terminal functions, but also provides operational data, metrics, and commercial support services that are unique to our company.


  1. Develop key performance indicators By working collaboratively with each of our clients, we are able to determine which key metrics are valuable on a client by client basis. Some examples of the metrics we are capable of tracking include:
    • Gross & Net Production
    • Weather Delays
    • Standby Time
    • Equipment Reliability
  2. Collect vessel and operational information at the point of service Our highly trained and knowledgeable teams collect valuable data on-site through several means including the Statement of Facts.
  3. Evaluate metrics Using the information collected at the point of service, we then evaluate these metrics for trends and against the goals established during the initial collaboration with the client.
  4. Investigate outliers and make recommendations Additionally, we investigate any outliers that may become apparent through the evaluation of the data collected. We determine what types of factors may have went well versus what went wrong, and make recommendations to either avoid repeat inefficiencies or replicate success.

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