Host finished rebuilding another school in Colombia early this month, and our Colombia Host Agency team celebrated the school’s inauguration with students, parents, and teachers last Thursday, December 6th.

“The principal and chief teacher got emotional sharing how thrilled and grateful they are that Host remodeled the school,” says Operations Manager Erika Cueto. “The students also showed their appreciation by performing two traditional dances for us.” Before Host volunteered to help, the school’s staff members tried to get funding from the state but were rejected because they are in such a rural area.

Host began the project in September 2018 at I.E.D. 11 de Noviembre sede La Esmeralda, which is the third Colombian school we have renovated. The school has four classrooms that accommodate 200 children between Pre-K and middle school grade levels.

Prior to the updates, the school had just one classroom, very thin and incomplete plywood walls, sand instead of concrete floors, broken bathrooms, no safe play area for the children, and a roof that trapped in heat and kept the classroom extremely hot.

In three months, Host demolished the entire school and rebuilt it, adding four classrooms separated by concrete walls, bookshelves in each room, ceiling fans, bathrooms, concrete floors, and an area for a playground.

“We are glad to have helped, and hope the community enjoys their newly-renovated school for years to come,” says Erika.