Tradepoint Atlantic, a 3,100-acre multimodal global logistics center in Baltimore, Maryland, that features an unmatched combination of access to deepwater berths, railroads, highways, and storage space today announced an exclusive, 10-year agreement with Host Terminals to oversee the vast majority of marine cargo operations.

As part of the announcement, $30 million in combined investment toward infrastructure improvements will also be made to the site. This will further Tradepoint Atlantic’s ability to generate a projected 17,000 direct and indirect permanent jobs over the next decade as it enhances Baltimore’s competitiveness as a key East Coast port for global trade.

“Tradepoint Atlantic is excited to welcome and partner with a leading expert in terminal operations,” said Joe Greco, Vice President of Marine and Commercial Development. “We are in the process of expanding our marine capabilities as we invest and expand our infrastructure to attract new business to the Baltimore region with our partners. Host is a 94-year-old company that’s been in Baltimore since 1986, and truly shares our overall vision for the future at Sparrows Point. They possess a unique understanding of the total supply chain, with an extensive track record of finding efficiencies and creating value.”

“In my 40 years of experience in the industrial development business, Tradepoint Atlantic is one of the most exciting projects I have been part of,” says Tradepoint Atlantic Chairman and interim CEO Michael Mullen. “It’s the premier heavy industrial gateway of the United States, and we are eager for what the future brings as we further the growth and build-out of our port. I look forward to working with Host on maximizing the utility of this world class center.”

Host brings expertise in transportation of non-containerized cargos, providing “REAL solutions” for the bulk and break bulk industry. Host possesses a diverse range of experience in terminal operations, stevedoring, marine asset, and ship agency work, empowering out-of-the-box strategies that transform the industry.

“Since Host’s founding in 1923, many of the fundamentals of moving bulk and break bulk cargo haven’t changed,” says Host President and CEO Adam Anderson. “Tradepoint Atlantic offers a unique solution to create efficiencies in the supply chain by processing goods on-site and using rail to provide a lower delivered cost to our customers. Our goal is to add value, whether it’s 50 acres for a factory on-site, a storage warehouse, or a tank. With Host’s expertise and our partners at Tradepoint Atlantic, we can deliver those REAL solutions to the market place. It will not only service the market in Baltimore, but will shift the transportation paradigm for bulk and break bulk cargoes to the 21st century.”

With four berths, over 1,000 acres dedicated to marine storage space, and connections to both CSX and Norfolk Southern, Tradepoint Atlantic is the largest maritime development in the United States. The site offers immediate access to the interstate and regional road network, and it has the largest private rail yard on the East Coast with over 100 miles of shortline rail on-site. It will be the first place in the country to push bulk cargo operations inland.