Host Terminals recently wound down normal operations at the Sherwin Alumina refinery in Corpus Christi. The refinery closed due to global shifts in commodity prices, which have affected thousands of jobs over the past twelve months, unfortunately including those of some of our staff.

Our employees at the refinery received the news of the impending shutdown on Friday, July 29th, only two hours into a vessel discharge. When each person onsite knew their own job, along with the jobs of everyone else at the refinery, would radically change or be eliminated, our team members were sent back to the dock to resume the operation.

Quickly recovering from the initial shock, a sense of pride and resilience filled the air. Supervisor Javier Paiz led the men with a mantra, yelling, “FINISH STRONG! FINISH STRONG!” over the radio and Robert Trevino hung a banner in the office the following day that read: “Host Terminals Pride. Finish Strong.” Loaders and cranes were steadily moving bauxite, conveyors were running at peak efficiency, and the men were yelling back, “FINISH STRONG! FINISH STRONG!”

They completed the vessel in record-setting time. While most vessels take four days, the staff completed the July 29th vessel in only two and a half.

“It’s humbling to see our team acting on our Core Principles of exceptional service and integrity throughout such difficult circumstances,” says T. Parker Host President Adam Anderson. “I’m honored to be part of such a company, and we can all be extremely proud of our team at Sherwin.”

Sherwin management had only positive feedback on Host’s overall performance. We increased efficiency and productivity on the waterfront at the refinery, while lowering costs.

Our team was on site until the final days, receiving vessels and preparing the refinery for closure. Host Terminals is working on an organized transition of staff internally, supporting them and their families as much as we can during this time. We are currently looking for business opportunities in the area, both at Sherwin and in other divisions.