June 2017 Quarterly Photo Contest

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A big thanks to everyone who submitted photos this quarter! It was a tight race, but we've narrowed it down to these finalists. Please follow the link at the bottom to vote for your favorite and help us pick a winner.

Cast your votes by 2300 EST Thursday, June 22nd. We'll announce the winner on Friday!


Photo #1:

Photo #1: "Sailing on Sunset" by Bill McIntyre in Savannah, GA

Photo #2:

Photo #2: "Departing Lake Charles" by Brian Hass in Beaumont, TX

Photo #3:

Photo #3: "Here Comes the Sun" by Cass Davis in New Orleans, LA

Photo #4:

Photo #4: "Cranes on Cranes" by Chris Perez in Port Everglades, FL

Photo #5:

Photo #5: "MS Janet Stops Traffic" by Scott Graves in Norfolk, VA

Photo #6:

Photo #6: "Perfection" by Kevin Cochran in Baton Rouge, LA

Photo #7:

Photo #7: "MV Alaskaborg" by Travis Johnson while in Brunswick, GA

Photo #8:

Photo #8: "Mid-Summer Evening" by Michael Wright in Savannah, GA

Photo #9:

Photo #9: "New Day at TPA" by Mike Gates in Baltimore, MD

Photo #10:

Photo #10: "My Ship Finally Came In...Then Left" by Terry Hirsch in Port Everglades, FL

Now that you've seen the finalists, help us pick a winner!
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We invite everyone to submit photos of Host at work to CompanyNews@tparkerhost.com for the next quarterly contest. Even if your photo doesn’t make it to the finals, there’s still a good chance it will end up in some of our marketing materials, like our website, presentations, and advertisements. 

As a reminder, please do not compromise safety to take a photo. Keep all safety gear on and remain aware of your surroundings while working at a terminal or on a ship. Your safety will always be our number one priority.