September 2018 Quarterly Photo Contest
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Thanks to all our team members who submitted photos this quarter! We've narrowed it down to these finalists.

Please follow the link below to vote for your favorite and help us pick a winner. Cast your votes by 2300 EST Sunday, September 16th. We'll announce the winner in our next newsletter! 


Photo #1:

Photo #1: "A Piece of the Puzzle" by Alex Abscal in Port Everglades, FL

Photo #2:

Photo #2: "A Day in the Life of MS Janet" by Benjamin Carey

Photo #3:

Photo #3: "Summer Evening Discharge" by Brian Hass in Lake Charles, TX

Photo #4:

Photo #4: "Dropping in for a Trim" by Greg Anderson in Baton Rouge, LA

Photo #5:

Photo #5: "Flying Through the Weekend" by Travis Johnson in Brunswick, GA

Photo #6:

Photo #6: "The PinNACLe of the Pile" by Jonathan Foster in Baltimore, MD

Photo #7:

Photo #7: "The Traveling Casino" by Elizabeth Melancon in New Orleans, LA

Photo #8:

Photo #8: "Storm's A-Brewin'" by William Faulkner in Sabine, TX

Photo #9:

Photo #9: "Sunset at Seagate" by Mike Gates in Chesapeake, VA

Photo #10:

Photo #10: "Took the Top Off" by Matt Cockburn in Baton Rouge, LA


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