Vessel Bound for Havana, Cuba Carries Cars for Fast & Furious 8

On Monday, April 11th, our stevedores in South Florida worked their first full-scale Ro/Ro operation. (“Ro/Ro” is short for “Roll-On/Roll-Off” and describes ships designed to carry wheeled cargo like cars and trailers.)

Not only was it a first for Host, but a unique one at that. The vessel was bound for Havana, Cuba and loaded with cars, motorcycles, and Hollywood gear to be used in the making of the movie Fast & Furious 8! This will be the first Hollywood studio film to shoot on the island since the embargo was set in the 1960s.

Our team loaded 103 pieces of cargo, including classic speedsters and suped-up race cars.

Cars Bound for Havana

Cars for Fast & Furious 8


Record Time

Six days later, we worked our second major Ro/Ro operation, which consisted of 328 pieces in all. Host completed it safely and in record time. The customer expected it to take over 24 hours, and we were done in less than 12. It was the fastest discharge and load operation in the customer's history of Ro/Ro operations!

We always say, “Do it safely. Do it right.”

As we take on new opportunities, we’re very proud of the exceptional service our people are delivering and their commitment to safety throughout the process. A big thanks to our dedicated team for a job well done!