August 4, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin

A Proud Maritime Tradition

Exactly 28 years ago today, on August 4, 1986, the Daily Press reported that T. Parker Host, Inc. had opened it's Baltimore, Maryland branch office.  It was the first time in the Hampton Roads-based company's then 63-year history that it had a presence outside of Virginia.  The office opened to satisfy the needs of steamship lines who were looking for the same 'Host' level of service in Baltimore that they received in Hampton Roads.  Leading a staff of five, Donald W. Carroll Jr. was named Vice President and Manager of the new office.  This new office marked the beginning of a period of tremendous growth for the company as a whole.

The ship agency was founded in 1923 by T. Parker Host, Sr. and headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.  Host was active in both the maritime community and the Hampton Roads community as a whole, serving on the City Council and as Mayor of Newport News and later as commissioner of the Virginia Port Authority.

Original headquarters location in Newport News, Virginia

Original headquarters location in Newport News, Virginia

Now 90 years after the founding of T. Parker Host, the company has added 12 more offices along the East and Gulf Coasts and an international office serving Colombia, South America.

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