On a cold February day at Tradepoint Atlantic, a truck driver, who was delivering fresh water for a vessel, fell into the water while reaching for the vessel’s water hose.

Host Supervisor Jason Brown, who has been thoroughly trained in man overboard situations throughout his career, immediately threw the man a life ring. “I knew we were up against the clock,” explains Jason. “It takes two minutes for hypothermia to set in. We had to get him out of the water immediately.” He told OE Apprentice Austin King to keep his eyes on the man, while Jason ran to the safety shed to get line to pull him out of the water. On his way, he yelled “MAN OVERBOARD” over the radio so all operations would shut down, and he talked to Safety and Operations Lead David Ronan on the phone, who coached him through the procedure.

Jason, Austin, and the ship’s crew threw the man a line, then safely pulled him out of the water.

The man wasn’t speaking clearly and was fighting his rescuers. “You could tell the hypothermia was already affecting him,” Jason recounts. He told OE Apprentice Cassandra Ingram to call 911. In the meantime, Jason stripped him out of his wet clothes, wrapped him in a blanket and coat, then put him in one of our trucks, with the heat blasting.

Emergency vehicles quickly arrived at the scene, thanks to Cassandra, who waited outside the gate to flag them down. The man remained conscious and there were no visible injuries.

“The quick actions from Jason and the support of Cassandra and Austin showed well-executed team work at its finest,” says General Manager Raul McFaddin. “Their actions helped save a life.”

Jason was invited to attend Host's monthly Safety Council meeting at headquarters last week, where he became the first recipient of Host’s MVP Game Ball for his acts of heroism during last month's man overboard incident at TPA. This begins a new tradition, recognizing extraordinary acts of leadership in the field. Jason signed the ball and he will hold on to it until a new game MVP is named and he passes it on.

Along with the MVP Game Ball, Jason also received a spot award in the amount of $1,000. "Extraordinary acts deserve extraordinary rewards,” says HAT General Manager Raul McFaddin.

Jason credits his safety training for helping him know what to do throughout the intense situation.

From left to right: General Manager Raul McFaddin, Supervisor Jason Brown, and VP of Terminal Operations Patrick Callahan