David Chenowith began his career with Host on June 26, 2000 and celebrates 20 years with the company this week!

Fumigating ships in Baltimore, MD as a teenager, David always worked on the water. He entered the ship agency business in 1980 and has grown in the industry for the past 40 years. “Things have changed a lot,” he laughs. “I still remember keeping a pocket full of change for my payphone calls from the pier to the office and then having to run back onboard the ship.”

He initially heard of Host in 1986 when the Virginia-based company made its first expansion in its 60+ year history by opening an office in Baltimore. He got to know Host team members throughout the following 14 years from seeing them around the port and working together on numerous coal ships. Don Carroll, president of T. Parker Host of Maryland at the time, reached out to David in 2000 and encouraged him to interview with the Hosts. Two days after his interview with Tom and David Host, and their father, “Parker,” David was offered the job.

“I’ve felt right at home since day one,” he says. “It was as if I had already been here for 20 years.” David has enjoyed many different roles in operations, management and sales throughout his time with the growing company and today serves as the Senior Agency Operations Manager.

A proud member of the port, he’s very involved in Baltimore’s maritime organizations, including the State Board of Maryland Pilots, the Port of Baltimore’s Executive Steering Committee, the Baltimore Maritime Exchange Board, the Maryland Coal Association, Sail Baltimore, and the Propeller Club of Baltimore. He’s also the honorary consulate to Finland for the states of Maryland and Delaware and the treasurer of the Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ASBA).

Earlier this year, Host asked David to take on the new “team member liaison” role, in addition to his other responsibilities, as COVID-19 impacted business and team members. His kind nature and knack for building relationships made him the perfect fit.  “For the first three months, my role was to have weekly, individual contact with the entire Host Agency team,” he explains. “We talked about port restrictions, the virus, babies, birthdays, spouses in healthcare, family members who lost their jobs and, of course, difficult ships. If there was a topic or concern they wanted to bring up, I got it to the decision makers.  Above all, it helped everyone relax and know we care. Although I’m no longer calling everyone on a weekly basis, I’m still available for them and I’ll always enjoy interacting with all the individuals who make our agency business successful.”

His favorite thing about his time with Host has been watching the company grow from a small, family-owned company to what it is today. “From my first day 20 years ago to now, I’ve always believed in this company,” he says. “Host treats everyone as a valued individual, and they listen to you. It’s a fantastic career.”

David and his wife, Kim, have been married for 27 years. Together they have two children, four grandchildren and two dogs. When they aren’t working, they enjoy skiing, surfing, paddle boarding and spending time with the grandkids in their favorite place for family get togethers, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Fun Fact: David and Kim actually moved the Outer Banks for two years in 2010 to run their own wine and cheese shop while David worked as a consultant for Host. “It was a fun adventure that combined our favorite things,” he says. “Wine, cheese and the beach. What’s not to love?”

“David has been with Host through the majority its growing pains, holding more positions in operations, management and sales than anyone else in the company. Flexible, reliable and absolutely committed, he’s taken on each new role with a positive attitude and dedication to getting the job done, always providing the best service to our customers and his fellow team members. Everyone who meets David likes him. He’s the only person to ever hold two non-consecutive terms on the State Board of Maryland Pilots, and as one of our team liaisons, he’s helped keep our team together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no one else like David, and I’m honored to have worked alongside him for 20 years. Here’s to many more!”
-Adam Anderson, Chairman & CEO


"I remember meeting David my first few days as an agent in Baltimore, November 1995. At the time David worked for a competitor. We often boarded ships together...sometimes Host was the vessel agent, other times the shippers, and vice versa. Being new to agency is a steep learning curve. You learn by watching the best, seeing what they do, and seeking to be just as good if not better. David was that role model for me then. He never let me steer off course, when many others would simply sit back and watch the other agency's new guy fail. It’s that kind of integrity and professionalism that is the Host way."
-William Davis, III, VP of Agency