November 17, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin

T. Parker Host, Inc. will be in attendance for the 22nd International Coal, Coke and Carbon Forum. This year’s event will be held in the Hotel Adlon in Kempinski, Berlin and will extend from November 16-19, 2014.

The International Coal, Coke and Carbon Forum first met in September 1993 as the Carbon Club. The idea was to unite individuals in the coal industry within a safe, relaxed atmosphere to discuss industry issues. Now known as the ICCC, the forum is an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers in the coal industry to network and build relationships.

Several prominent industry members will speak during this year’s forum. ICCC Managing Director Mark Hurst will kick off the first day of presentations and will be followed by a number of speakers.

Topics of the event include:

  • World Supply Demand Coking Coal & Steel and Steam Coal
  • Australian & Indonesian Update
  • The Coal Benchmark Debate

T. Parker Host’s President Adam Anderson will speak on Monday, November 17th during the United States Coal Market overview. Adam and fellow members of this panel will discuss Domestic and International Coking & Steam Logistics Reality as well as Colombia’s Impact on Imports.

Adam has become a recognized industry expert who shares his wealth of knowledge within the maritime industry through conferences, forums, and events. As a valuable member of Host for over 16 years, Adam is responsible for setting the vision for the company and leading our team of more than 200 members in 24 locations.

To learn more about Adam Anderson, please click here.