November 11, 2014 by T. Parker Host Admin.

T. Parker Host, Inc. was in attendance for the Vessel Owners’ & Captains’ Association Dinner on Tuesday, November 5, 2014. This year’s dinner was held at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Vessel Owners’ & Captains’ Association was organized in 1868 and holds this event twice a year during the months of April and November. The event is a great networking opportunity with representatives from various branches of the maritime industry in attendance.

Representing T. Parker Host during the dinner were Philip Tomlinson, VP of Business Development, Will Schmidt, Operations Manager for Delaware, and boarding agents Josh Schmidt and Kyle Jaffee. Representatives of the company were also accompanied by 40 of our guests during the dinner as well. Host always looks forward to attending the event and is pleased to have the opportunity for our guests to join in on the experience.

For over 90 years, T. Parker Host has built relationships with principals, operators, ports, vendors, and government agencies. These long-term relationships are a benefit of which we share with our clients.

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