NORFOLK, VA – February 15, 2019 - T. Parker Host is pleased to announce the following promotions:

William Davis, III, Head of Agency
William Davis, III was recently promoted to Host’s Head of Agency. In this role, William will oversee all Host Agency activity.
William began with Host in 1995 as a boarding agent and freight forwarder in the Baltimore coal department and has since held several key roles within the company during the expansion and development of Host’s South Atlantic and U.S. Gulf agency operations. Most recently, William has been working with the company’s business development team in building data-driven platforms and strategies.
“This promotion brings exciting new energy to our entire Host Agency team,” says Host CEO Adam Anderson. “I can’t think of anyone better suited for this position or more passionate about the role of an agent than William.”
Raphael Christofidis, Coal Manager
Host recently promoted Raphael Christofidis to Coal Manager. In this role, he will oversee all activity of Host’s coal services. Raphael has worked for various coal and ship owning companies throughout his career and has a diverse background in logistics, freight, port operations and contract management.
“Raphael builds on Host’s long history in coal and the company’s reputation for exceptional service,” says Adam Anderson. “Raph will provide an excellent level of connectivity between our many coal customers and our coal team services.”



Since its inception in 1923, Host has been the long-standing leader in coal services. Host offers a tailored suite of services that, in addition to port agency, provides freight forwarding, letter of credit and contract administration, logistics, blending and monitoring services. Additionally, Host offers value-add commodity reporting and statistics, which are internationally recognized by leading financial and commodity publications. These legacy services are building blocks in Host’s larger strategy of providing “REAL Solutions” as the company grows its network focus on point-of-production to point-of-consumption services.
Host is privileged to have a large, talented team of experienced coal professionals, who have helped retain Host’s position as a recognized leader in the coal industry for the last nine decades. From their ever-growing and hard-working team, Host is pleased to acknowledge some core team members who bring over 300 years of combined experience in coal.
David Chenowith, Commercial Manager
David Chenowith is Host’s Commercial Manager. He has over 30 years of experience in coal port operations, forwarding and contract administration. He has been a member of the Maryland Coal Association since 1990, previously serving as the association’s president and currently holding a seat on their board of directors.
Bobby Scott, VP of Agency Operations - USEC
Bobby Scott is Host’s VP of Agency Operations for East Coast ports and has over 20 years of experience with coal port operations in Hampton Roads and Baltimore.
Chris Kitsos, VP of Agency Operations – US Gulf
Chris Kitsos is Host’s VP of Agency Operations for Gulf Coast ports and has over 45 years of experience with coal port operations on the Mississippi River, in Mobile and in Houston. 
Anita Strickland, Contracts Administrator
Anita Strickland is Host’s Contracts Administrator. She has over 26 years of experience in the coal forwarding and contracts administration space. She has been a member of the Hampton Roads Coal Association for 25 years, previously serving as the association’s president and currently holding a seat on their board of directors.
Kristian Thompson, Cargo Services Supervisor
Kristian Thompson is Host’s Cargo Services Supervisor and oversees the forwarding team. She has over 22 years of experience with letter of credit administration and export documentation.
Victoria Plaine, Freight Forwarder
Victoria Plaine has been with Host for 16 years, and she’s a member of the company’s freight forwarding team. She’s been a member of the Maryland Coal Association for 13 years, and currently serves as the association’s president.
Thomas Keiningham, Coal Monitor
Thomas Keiningham has worked as a coal monitor for Host since 2011. He brings over four decades of experience in the coal industry from his career at Norfolk Southern, where he held many roles, including operator, freight agent, freight forwarder, deck foreman and cargo coordinator.
Marvin Harris, Coal Monitor
Marvin Harris has also worked as a coal monitor for Host since 2011. He spent over 40 years working for Norfolk Southern, gaining experience with rail lines, ship loading and cargo coordination.