Earlier this week, T. Parker Host and the local community of Cienaga, Colombia celebrated the Grand Reopening of Jardín Infantil Chiquilladas, a school T. Parker Host has spent one year renovating.

When a T. Parker Host Colombia employee first brought the school to our company’s attention, there were holes in the classroom walls, trash all around the area, and many unsafe and unsanitary conditions overall. The school was closed because the building was not fit for the professors and 150 kids housed there on a daily basis.

With the help of a third party contractor along with a large amount of resources, time, finances, and energy, T. Parker Host took on the project of renovating the classrooms and playground for the four to six-year-old school children. In addition to patching holes, painting, and delivering new chairs, tables, and fans for the classrooms, TPH also installed a water cooler system and provided water jugs.

happy collage


The newly reformed playground was a big hit with the kids. New artificial ground was installed under the playset, as well as new paint on the walls and a raised roof over the main slide area to counteract the blazing sun, while still allowing airflow.

playground before and after


The picture below shows the front of the school, where you can see a better view of the raised roof we built.


Grand opening day was attended not only by the children, professors, and TPH members, but also by journalists, government representatives, and entertainers for the kids. The head school coordinator delivered a speech, followed by Managing Director of T. Parker Host’s Colombia office, James Bryant.

Following the speeches, the school coordinator revealed a plaque on the school’s wall, commemorating the efforts of T. Parker Host.

celebration and plaque