On March 21st, our client at a wood pellet facility determined their cargo had to be discharged from the hold of a ship due to quality problems. Normally, we’re loading ships at this terminal, not discharging them.

“While unusual for a pellet facility, this type of thing is not unheard of,” says Terminal Manager Shane Gaither. “The remarkable part was the performance of the individuals who conducted the discharge operation. These men completed this task in a safe and timely manner with little to no previous experience.”

Just under 4,000MT of pellets were discharged in five days with a single clam shell and two semi-dump wagons.  “Their performance exemplified our core principles of safety, service, and opportunity," says Shane. "They completed the job safely, while providing excellent service to the customer and seizing the opportunity to learn new skills.”

A big thanks to Kenny McCray, Ethan Cowan, Scott Kinder, Jon King, Chad Long, Raheem Lonon, and Angelo Nunez for a job well done!