At Host, we do things differently. We provide more than individual services. We provide REAL solutions. We dive in alongside our customers, and we share their goals.

Your Goals Are Our Goals.
We are not a 3PL.

We are not intermediaries.

We are not brokers.

We truly adopt your goals, add real quantitative value, and present options that provide REAL solutions.  

When Host provides a solution, we take responsibility for all or part of the process. Many times, the REAL solution is found by combining several options, comparing hundreds of variables, and redefining the paradigm.

How We See It
Since the advent of containerization in the 1950’s, global trade has become more efficient, more advanced, and less expensive for almost anything that transits our oceans, while non-containerized cargo has lagged behind with very little change over the past seventy years. We believe all cargo should move like containers, whether it fits in one or not.

We Are Not the Industry Norm.
Outside of a few companies that develop their own transportation network, the non-containerized industry moves through complicated, ever-changing chains of vendors, offering complex puzzle pieces in an opaque environment. The risk between links in the chain is almost always passed on to the customers.

Straightforward, REAL Solutions
When you work with Host, you will receive clear, transparent pricing, and you’ll be able to work with our models, so you’ll know if it costs $.05 or $5.00 if we ship on the railroad, charter barges, or double the storage capacity. The variables are endless, and as we solve them together, the path becomes clear.

Host has a proven record of working to find the REAL solution for our customers. 

The Host Process


Relationships are one of our core principles.  We listen.  Rather than telling you what we have, we ask what you need, we adopt your goals, and then we start diving deeper into the research.


Detective work is another of Host’s core principles. We make it our business to know ports, commodity trends, and vendors. We research the facts and numbers behind every variable.


Our team of experienced executives and analysts lays out each option, then hands it over so our customer can present it to their stakeholders.  At this stage, our counterparties will often refine details, start an RFQ process, or request competing proposals.  

REAL Solutions

Our creative and comprehensive solutions set us apart in the maritime industry. We focus on your needs, and we add value, not cost, to every operation.

If there’s another company that can help, a piece of equipment that’s needed, a partnership we can form, a facility we can operate, or an investment we can make, Host will find it, and we will help you meet your goals.


Maintaining Transparency
While Host handles the entire solution, we keep you aware of all parties involved. There are no secrets.

Our daughter companies at Host Terminals, Host Marine, and Host Agency can often play a role in the REAL solution. Conversely, if your needs are a better fit for another company entirely, we’ll let you know on day one. When we aren’t the right team for the job, we don’t pretend to be. 

A Full Platform of Services
Most of our clients already have an excellent process in place. We’re not looking to change what works. Host is always happy to respond to RFQs and RFPs to provide our individual services, including agency, terminal operations, stevedoring, and marine assets.