Detective Work

Host puts data to work for our clients. Time equals money, and you can’t improve on something unless you measure it.

We work with clients to define performance goals and we consistently track our metrics, always looking for ways to make the vessel call or terminal operation better.

KPI Reports

Our data is presented in our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports, helping our clients quickly evaluate efficiency and service. We provide you with real data to make informed decisions.

Applying LEAN Principles

Once the data is collected, we look for ways to improve the process by eliminating waste, and adding value. We’ve found that slight changes often lead to major differences.  

Quantify the Difference

The detective work continues as we collect more data to ensure our clients get the best return for their investment. The more information we and our clients have about their operation, the stronger our clients will be, and the better we can perform as a team.

A Large Network of Relationships

With over 90 years of experience, we’ve developed a worldwide network of relationships throughout the maritime industry. For anything our clients need, we can leverage our relationships or offer good recommendations to ensure they receive the best service available.


  • Continuous process improvement
  • Improves efficiency to better serve our customer’s needs
  • Frees up time and resources to do work that brings value to the operation and to our customer