When a custom solution requires specific assets, Host does the detective work and researches all the options. If there’s a need for us to invest, co-invest, or fully purchase an asset to offer our customers the best service possible, we’re ready and financially prepared to do so.

Investments Based on REAL Solutions
All that we’ve purchased or chartered has been part of a specific, customer-focused, REAL solution. This level of commitment has led to everything from our purchase of stevedoring equipment and tugboats to our acquisition of a tank terminal. For any piece of potential terminal property, we are willing to explore options for co-investment, partnership, or joint venture.

Full Staffing
Host also hires employees to staff the equipment. We employ full tugboat crews, launch boat drivers, maintenance mechanics and more. As part of our team approach with clients, this helps us streamline vendors, reduce costs, and provide our exceptional level of service everywhere we can.

Forming Relationships
Owning assets helps us understand and appreciate the work of third party leasing companies as well. If we decide the best option for a REAL solution is to partner with a third party or lease their assets and equipment, Host can be trusted to take good care of their resources.