Host first began stevedoring services in Virginia in 1925. After taking a hiatus for a few decades, we re-entered the terminal space in 1999 at the request of a customer who wanted to invest their capital, but needed a REAL solution to operate a marine terminal.

Since then, we’ve taken steps to expand our geographic and service scope, to build teams that can take on unique challenges in diverse environments, and to add value while providing REAL solutions for our customers.

REAL Solutions
The waterfront is a challenging workplace, where heavy manufacturing actually floats and time truly equals money. Our customers are well aware of these unique dynamics, and they trust Host to put our hard-earned experience to work to meet shared goals.

Adding Value
Whether it requires our people or alternate labor, dedicated assets or shared space, our equipment or someone else’s, our investment or yours, we’re committed to providing the REAL solutions you need.

Your goals are our goals.

Terminal Operations & Stevedoring
Often operating terminals for third parties, we’re trusted with the safe care and custody of over 100 million-dollars-worth of assets. As stevedores, Host handles breakbulk, heavy lift, project cargoes, and thousands of container moves every year. Whether it’s a one-off, 300-ton generator, a $100 million dollar yacht, or a thousand bags of cement, we’ve done it before, and we’re prepared to do it again. Annually, we handle approximately 1,200 vessels, 8 million barrels of liquid bulk, 20 million tons of bulk and breakbulk, and thousands of container moves.


Host's reputation for safety and professionalism is well-known throughout the industry.  

We continuously collect data to evaluate metrics and trends. Operating with a LEAN culture, we perform ongoing maintenance and continuous process improvements to increase performance, safety, and efficiency.  Our continual process improvements benefit the entire operation. 

The Host family has been handling coal since the 1800’s. While the ships have gotten a lot bigger, the tenants remain the same. As a firm, we’ve handled just about every product in just about every manner, from using state-of-the-art airslides to muscling through one million tons with front end loaders.    With experience in over 100 different operations, we know how to get the job done.

Host is a recognized name in the careful handling and storage of bulk liquid cargoes. We own and operate a liquid terminal, a unit train-to-barge facility and a fleet of oceangoing vessels on time charter.

Handling containers, breakbulk, mega yachts, project cargo, and heavy lifts, our experienced team has the knowledge to move any cargo.  

Dedicated to the REAL solution, we have invested alongside clients, purchasing and building terminals, conveyors, tanks, tracks, and structures as necessary to achieve our shared goals. When the REAL solution involves shared assets, co-investment, or a joint venture arrangement, we’re prepared.